About the environment

Kruuli Trükikoja OÜ bases its activities on environmental values.

We have applied for an ambient air pollution permit, and we have always complied with other international environmental management standards. When placing the product on a sheet, we carefully monitor that the loss of material is as small as possible. We constantly measure the amount of material used per product unit. We analyze our activities on a quarterly basis. This is the reason why our printing house strategies are always fresh and looking to move forward. Our priority is an energy-efficient production process, as a result of which we modernize and make our production methods more and more efficient. We are part of the circular economy, we ensure that all our production residues can be recycled or reused in an environmentally friendly way.

At Kruul we offer:
  • energy efficient production processes;

  • environmentally conscious customer service;

  • best value for your money

We are constantly raising our employees environmental awareness, which ensures an atmosphere throughout the company where the impact of our work on the environment is felt and where we want to proceed in an ecologically responsible way. Our main production materials are paper and inks, which is why we have emphasized their energy-efficient consumption.

  • We purchase our inks from suppliers of bio-renewable inks that are world-class in ink manufacturing.

  • We purchase paper for printing only from suppliers who are ISO 14001 certified and whose selected papers are produced from raw materials (ECF or TCF cellulose) from sustainably managed forests.

  • We are constantly working to improve the printing house’s environmental performance and adapt our operations in accordance with the laws and regulations established in society.

  • We believe that maintaining a clean world is a collective responsibility to ensure a sustainable living environment. We work to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible.