The packaging creates the first impression of your product, which gives it, or, conversely, deprives it of its attractiveness.

Psychologists have long understood that people subconsciously pass on feelings about packaging to themselves. Thus, the packaging of a product literally influences what the customer thinks of your product. Today, the appearance of the packaging is not all that matters, but also its environmental friendliness. Paper and cardboard are still the best recyclable materials in the world. The use of recycled materials sends a message to the customer that you are committed to a sustainable lifestyle and to reducing plastics.

High-quality and environmentally friendly packaging suitable for your brand will help
  • get consumers’ attention,

  • contribute to consumer communication by passing on product information and brand values,

  • position the product and differentiate itself from competitors,

  • create added value (eg use of packaging for other purposes after emptying).

The role and importance of packaging varies greatly from industry to industry. We help to prepare and implement the best packaging for your field. In addition, our modern technology and years of experience guarantee the practicality and financial savings of your product.

We have experience in printing the following packages:
  • packaging for the pharmaceutical industry

  • food packaging

  • soap boxes

  • medicine packaging

  • cosmetic boxes

  • food supplement packaging

  • hangers

  • cases

  • packaging envelopes

  • multimedia packaging

  • plastic bag hangers

  • wrapper

  • and other boxes and cartons

You can find our printed packaging from both reputable Estonian and foreign brands.